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A highly experienced appellate attorney specializing in veterinarian services and animal care, Mr. Dennis can help you.

About Leongatha Law, L.L.C.

About Us | Leongatha Law, L.L.C. d/b/a Veterinary Law Center : Independence, MO

Gregory M. Dennis—Leongatha Law., L.L.C., Independence, Missouri—obtained his B.Sc., with honors, from Kansas State University; having spent his Junior year in Oxford, England. He earned his M.Sc. from the London School of Economics & Political Science, University of London, England. Mr. Dennis obtained his Juris Doctor (cum laude) from Washburn University School of Law, Topeka, Kansas.

After earning his law degree Mr. Dennis served as a Law Clerk for a Kansas Supreme Court Justice for two-years. Since then he has been actively and continually engaged in the practice of law in wide and diverse range of legal subjects including extensive involvement and experience in veterinary medical and animal law.

Mr. Dennis has written or given more than 190 articles and/or talks on veterinary law and animal law (see Talks & Articles) both within and without the United States. He is Legal Counsel for Kansas Veterinary Medical Association and the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association. Mr. Dennis is believed to be the only attorney who represents two state veterinary medical associations

Mr. Dennis actively represents veterinarians in Kansas and Missouri. Besides representing veterinarians in disciplinary and arbitration proceedings he tries cases in federal and state courts involving veterinarians.

Mr. Dennis is regularly at the forefront of new and emerging legal issues impacting the practice of veterinary medicine. He has frequently drafted veterinary legislation and regulations for consideration and enactment by legislatures and regulatory authorities.

Mr. Dennis is a founding and Charter Member of the American Veterinary Medical Law Association and from 2002 to 2003 served as its President. He has also served on two American Veterinary Medical Association Task Forces dealing with legal issues affecting the veterinary profession. The first, the Model Veterinary Practice Act Task Force (2003) and the second the Legal Status of Animals Task Force.

From 1995 to 2004, Mr. Dennis was the Editor of the American Veterinary Medical Law Association’s Newsletter. From 2004 to 2009 he was Editor of the Veterinary Report for the Animal Legal Reports Services, L.L.C. He has also served on the Editorial Review Board of the North American Veterinary Conference Clinic’s Brief.

Mr. Dennis contributes to Legally Speaking…. for the Kansas and Missouri veterinary medical associations and authors articles on agricultural and farm legal matters.

Mr. Dennis is commonly consulted by attorneys throughout the United States and from other countries on legal subjects pertaining to veterinary medicine.

In 1999 Mr. Dennis received an Extraordinary Service award from the American Veterinary Medical Law Association. In 2006 he received the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association’s Special Recognition Award.

In 2009 Mr. Dennis received the Kansas Veterinary Medical Association’s Distinguished Service Award. In 2011 he was awarded Honorary Membership in the Missouri Academy of Veterinary Practice and that year’s President’s Award by the Kansas Veterinary Medical Association.

Last, Mr. Dennis was born in Leongatha, Victoria, Australia; ergo, the name his law firm—Leongatha Law, L.L.C. At the time of his birth, his father, a veterinarian—dairy practice—was out on a call. Given this Mr. Dennis can honestly say he has been around veterinary medicine all his life.